Karp's theory

Dr. Harvey Karp is an American pediatrician who is well known for developing techniques that calm babies and let them sleep better and longer. He is the author of two books, 'The Happiest Baby on the Block' and its sequel, 'The Happiest Toddler on the Block'.

Inspired by his book and experience with babies we decided to invent a wearable blanket that not only helps your baby sleep better but is also made from safe, high-quality materials with all the necessary certificates.

The theory of dr. Karp is revolutionary because it assumes that newborn babies are not fully ready for the world. It means that according to dr. Karp’s theory, babies are born 3 months early and need a 4th trimester of holding, rocking and nurturing. In his opinion babies are born with a 'calming reflex'. The 'calming reflex' causes that babies can relax as soon as they are given a clue that they are safe inside mother’s womb.

His book ‘The happiest Baby ‘teaches and explains five parenting techniques called the 'Five S’s' that are used to turn on the 'calming reflex'.

The 'Five S’s' consists of:

1. Swaddling - Swaddling your newborn baby is an essential skill. Tight swaddling reconstructs the confinement of the womb.

2. Side or stomach position- a perfect sleep position for your newborn is holding the baby on the right side with his/her face slightly down.

3. Shushing- Dr. Karp recommends loud shushing. It reminds babies of the body noises present in the womb.

4. Swinging- gentle and constant swinging reminds your baby about the motion that he/she experienced already in the womb.

5. Sucking – it is recommended to use pacifiers to calm down the baby.

As you see it is not difficult to make your baby sleep sweet and tight. Obviously, every baby is different; one of them may need all of the 'Five S’s' to be able to fall asleep, another just one or two of them. The most important fact is that all the methods described by dr. Karp are totally safe for your newborn baby!

Choose the best suited blanket for your baby and enjoy a long and peaceful night. Good night!

long and peaceful night. Good night!